Guitarist Joey Allen recalls Tommy Lee delivering a plate of shit as a message to Warrant band members

Guitarist Joey Allen recalls Tommy Lee delivering a plate of shit as a message to Warrant band members

Warrant guitarist Joey Allen was recently interviewed by Chuck Shute for the The Chuck Shute Podcast.

Shute noted that he heard a story that while on tour with Mötley Crüe, the Warrant band members trashed their dressing room after their single “Heaven” hit number one or two or something, and then a pissed off Tommy Lee delivered them a plate of shit.

Allen recalled (as provided by the The Chuck Shute Podcast with slight edits): “True story, 110% true- when we were on tour… we were fired up. We had been on tour. I mean, I think that first record we toured like 280 plus shows. Erik‘s [Turner] got the exact number. He keeps all that stuff, I think but so we’re on tour with the Crüe. We’re having a great time. They were still sober. They didn’t start to waver until the end of our leg of that tour.”

Allen continued: “But anyways, back to the shit on the plate. So at one gig, you get out on the road. You miss home. You just you’ve been hungover drunk, whatever, and we just thrashed our tour dressing room in the arena. And that just made a mess. We didn’t burn anything. We didn’t break anything. I don’t think we might have broken some but nothing, no windows or anything. Maybe some furniture and the next day we walked into our dressing room and there was nothing — like no furniture, no catering, nothing, no towels, no nothing — just a room, like four walls. And about five minutes go by and [there’s a] knock on the door and we answer it and it’s Tommy [Lee] with the plate of shit. And he just goes ‘I heard you guys didn’t get any catering today. So I thought I’d bring this up for you.’ And I think they might have got somebody got tagged with… It was probably a grand to clean up the room or something. Yeah, maybe they got charged with it or, I’m sure they charged us back but it was just their way of saying ‘Keep your keep your shit together, so to speak, or it’ll end up on a plate’.”

You can listen to the interview with Joey Allen on the The Chuck Shute Podcast below: