Guitarist Niko Vuorela reveals how Temple Balls came up with their album title ‘Pyromide’

Guitarist Niko Vuorela reveals how Temple Balls came up with their album title ‘Pyromide’

Finnish hard rockers Temple Balls consisting of lead vocalist Arde Teronen, guitarists Jiri Paavonaho and Niko Vuorela, bassist Jimi Välikangas and drummer Antti Hissa are about to release their latest studio album Pyromide via Frontiers Music Srl on April 16, 2021.

In a recent interview with Tuonela Magazine, Temple Balls guitarist Niko Vuorela was asked how the band came up with the album title Pyromide to which he stated:

“Whenever it comes to naming things, we always turn to our bass player and wordsmith, Jimi Välikangas. He has this very unique sense of messing with words. Usually, it’s just funny and we get some laughs out of it but sometimes he comes up with actually catchy phrases/titles. I do a lot of demos and whenever I’m saving these projects, I call him and ask for a demo-name and he just gives one like that. Of course, these demo-names have nothing to do with how the song will turn out lyric-wise eventually but it’s just easy (and funny) to let him name everything and keep the creative juices flowing without being stuck trying to figure out some name for a demo song.

Anyway, “pyromide” is basically a mix of pyro and pyramid. In all of our artwork, we like to feature these ancient themes, such as temples, as visual elements. If you look at the new album cover closely, you see the edges of pyramids on the sides. The pyro part should be quite obvious in it. I think it reflects our sense of visuality and high energy level in music.”

In terms of the accompanying art for the Pyromide album cover, Vuorela indicated: “… I can add that the artwork is made by Jan Yrlund / Darkgrove Design. He’s an amazing artist and he has designed all of our album covers. The original idea comes from us, but we don’t do any visual sketches. When we’ve figured out the album title, we start bouncing ideas of how the cover should look. We’ve had that ancient visual theme since “Traded Dreams” and that’s the basic outline we want to keep. As you can see, all of our covers are quite aligned to a similar theme. After we’ve painted the mental image of how the cover should look, we explain it to Jan and he draws it. By the way, every one of these three covers are his first designs. There never was a need for another try. He shoots, he scores. Cool dude.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Niko Vuorela at Tuonela Magazine‘s website.

Temple Balls‘ “Thunder From The North” video (from the album Pyromide):