Guitarist Oz Fox able to record with Stryper during last month of June but taking rest of the year off

Photo by Rob Ellis

Guitarist Oz Fox able to record with Stryper during last month of June but taking rest of the year off

Stryper guitarist Oz Fox continues to recover from his various medical ailments including brain surgery earlier this year and he will be taking the rest of the year off to focus on his recovery.

The following message was posted on Fox‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Photo by Rob Ellis

“Hey there folks! I wanted to make a quick announcement letting you all know that my recovery is going very well from my first surgery. Thankfully, after about 3 months of recovery I was able to record with the band in June. The circumstances for that project were well conditioned for my limited abilities at the time and I’m happy to say it was a successful mission but not without it’s challenges for me. With that in mind, after my next surgery to remove my acoustic neuroma behind the left ear my wife Annie and I feel it would be best for me to take the rest of the year off for some solid recovery time. Another big project is coming for Stryper in January and I really would like to be in my best shape for the task.

With all of that in mind, I have strongly encouraged my brothers in the band to continue with booked shows coming up in the next few months with our dear friend Howie Simon covering my duties. Howie is an amazing guitar player and vocalist and I trust him to fully “out-shred” me for those up and coming dates! So I am trusting you all to welcome him with open arms so the band can continue to work in my absence. I will be updating everyone on my health status as things come up. And I thank you for your prayers and encouragement as I face another risky procedure. I know God will be with me like he was for the last one. I am thankful for everything he has pulled me through! Of course I will continue to be a part of our social media platforms including our patreon page where we all have our weekly hour Q& A sessions. So I hope to see you all there! Take care and we’ll see you soon!

Sincerely, ~Oz

Back in late 2018, Simon replaced Fox on a temporary basis for a number of Stryper gigs while Fox received from a seizure which he sustained while performing on stage for the Sin City Sinners which later led to the discovery of some previously unknown “spots” on his brain.