Guitarist Oz Fox outlines that none of the Stryper band members are millionaires

Guitarist Oz Fox outlines that none of the Stryper band members are millionaires

A GoFundMe campaign was started for Stryper guitarist Oz Fox to assist him in raising funds to cover various expenses including the costs of medical related expenses and his lost income when he’ll be recuperating from his upcoming brain surgery. Fox┬áhas received some criticism for asking for donations as some people feel that he and his Stryper bandmates have done very well over the years financially speaking and accordingly, the guitarist should not be asking for money.

The following comment was posted by Stryper earlier today on a message thread started on their Facebook page:

“From Oz Fox:

Hello Stryper friends!

My sincerest thanks to you all for your prayers and support. Normally we individually and collectively work very hard performing concerts, recording new music, organizing meet and greets, offering online events or new merchandise, etc, etc…doing what ever it takes to meet our financial needs. But, speaking for myself, this situation required a special request for “fundraiser” help. “Go Fund Me” gives anyone who feels led the opportunity to give as much as they want to help support an emergency need with the collective small or large donations of many. And because it’s a non-profit org, it is also a tax write-off for the donors. In the past I have donated to folks who I have felt led to help out. It’s awesome to help someone with not just medical bills but also the “month to month” expenses while they are recovering.

As I have said in the past none of us in the band are millionaires. Contrary to the fake information the internet tries to provide, in a normal working year we are doing good to meet our humble needs. We don’t drive expensive cars or wear expensive jewelry. We don’t eat at expensive restaurants. We live responsibly. And thanks to the fans we can still tour and perform for them even if it means we have to break even to make it happen. PLEASE…pay no attention to those who have no clue of what they say about who has money and who doesn’t. This pandemic has hurt all of us and we are so thankful that we have a God who provides! And in my situation God has provided it through the loving friends and fans who care enough to want to help. I and my band brothers thank you so much for all you do. Now I will get back to my daily routines and pre-op schedules.

Love ya! ~Oz