Guitarist Reggie Wu and singer Mark Evans writing songs with possibility of new Heavens Edge album

Guitarist Reggie Wu and singer Mark Evans writing songs with possibility of new Heavens Edge album

Philly rockers Heavens Edge guitarist Reggie Wu was interviewed by Metal Mike for the 80’s Glam Metalcast podcast.

In terms of what Heavens Edge have been up to, Wu indicated (as provided by the 80’s Glam Metalcast podcast with slight edits): “For shows – we were supposed to do M3 [Rock Festival] this year, but one of the guys got sick and we had to cancel. We just committed to Monsters On The Mountain in Tennessee [USA] in October. I love the guys in this band, we are all like brothers. Whenever we get together, we just pick up right where we left off. We also have some big news that I can’t share right now. Hopefully we will be able announce it within the next couple weeks. Things are moving along. At this point we’re just having fun with it. Me and Mark [Evans] are writing songs, and the pressure is just off. We aren’t trying to be rock stars anymore. There’s talks to do an album….and that could be the news that’s coming soon. We are just in talks and I really can’t get into it.”

Heavens Edge have released two albums — their self-titled debut album in 1990 via Columbia Records and Some Other Place Some Other Time in 1998 via MTM (which was originally supposed to be released in 1992).

With respect to the fall of the band due to the grunge era, Wu stated: “It was nuts. The climb to get the record deal was spectacular. Right out of the box, we were selling out wherever we would play. Those three years before we got signed were unbelievable. Then the label dropped us and the ride down was brutal. Places that we used to play that were packed, were now a quarter full. It was a big time blow to the ego. When Heavens Edge split, me, Dave [Rath] and George [Guidotti] still loved playing together. We started a band called American Pie with a new singer. We did the whole flannel shirt and grunge thing. It just wasn’t true and people could see it though it. It just didn’t work and we called it a day. We were forced to find another life, and in many ways that was a God send. I love my family and that’s what it’s all about.”

You can listen to the interview with Reggie Wu on the 80’s Glam Metalcast podcast below:

Heavens Edge‘s “Skin To Skin” video: