Guitarist Steve Favela announces his departure from Ten Cent Revenge

Guitarist Steve Favela announces his departure from Ten Cent Revenge

Photo courtesy of Steve Favela

Ten Cent Revenge and their guitarist Steve Favela have parted ways. Ten Cent Revenge released two EPs Road 2 Ruin (2022) and  Fast Forward (2023) while Favela was in their line-up.

Favela released a short statement via his Facebook account earlier today, which stated:

“This statement is official. I am no longer in Ten Cent Revenge. I did not write or record on any Ten Cent Revenge music. I wish them the best of luck moving forward.


Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Favela provided more details about his time and eventual departure from Ten Cent Revenge. In terms of how he got in thew band in the first place, Favel advised: “I met [bassist] Greg [Turner] and [lead vocalist] Josh [Decker] in Nebraska when I was on tour with Bang Tango. They were on the bill two different times when we came through Nebraska. They moved to Arizona a couple of years ago. They had some shows booked in Hollywood and asked if I was interested in [playing] them. I said ‘Sure’.”

On what led to his departure from the band, Favela revealed: “I could not commit to their booking schedule one hundred percent. I couldn’t be ‘all in’.

Photo courtesy of Steve Favela

It ran its course. There are no hard feelings on my end.” Favela‘s statement indicates that he never wrote or recorded with Ten Cent Revenge. On why that turned out to be the case, Favela indicated: “I couldn’t answer that question. They never asked me too. I never asked why not.”

Favela also plays guitar in the band Color of Chaos, which released their debut album Hollywood back in November 2018 and which recently released a video for their new single “Edge of Night.” In terms of Color of Chaos‘ future plans, Favela stated: “Yes, we got a lot of great response to the new single. It’s different than what’s out there. Seems everyone is trying to be metal. We never try to follow a trend. We put out a song if it sounds good to us. We have two more songs ready to record and have tons of ideas. We hope to get possibly one more song out before the end of 2023, if not, for sure in 2024. Just singles for now.  Eventually, we will put the singles out on an EP. We’re planning on some shows locally and nationally.”

Ten Cent Revenge‘s “Road 2 Ruin” video:

Color of Chaos‘ “Edge of Night” video: