Guitarist Steve Lynch pays tribute to deceased and former Autograph bandmate Randy Rand

Guitarist Steve Lynch pays tribute to deceased and former Autograph bandmate Randy Rand

Autograph bassist Randy Rand passed away a year and one day ago, and his former long-time bandmate Steve Lynch is still struggling to deal with the loss.

The following message was posted on Lynch‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been said that time heals, but that has not been my experience. Randy was taken from us too soon and, I know this sense of loss will always be felt.

Every day since has brought with it a flood of memories from the four decades we shared in brotherhood. It’s a balancing act of emotions remembering our early days mired in hard work and tough times from creating Autograph to thinking about all the unfinished plans of what could have been. I guess I thought we had more time to do more.

It is well known that Randy loved playing our music, and it’s evident in the thousands of photographs and videos our amazing fans have shared on the Autograph OG’s fan page. During the past year it’s become part of my new normal to visit with these memories to hear from our fans through their postings and comments. This has brought comfort and much-needed laughter to each memory.

Anyone who knew Randy would always say how down to earth he was- always kind, generous, and had the ability to find humor in every situation. But when the house lights went down and spotlight went on, Randy was the “Rock Star!” He was undeniably the showman, always working the stage with such enthusiasm. I fondly remember the first time we played Madison Square Garden together –we had never experienced anything as LOUD or CRAZY! As the lights were swirling and the crowd was roaring, I looked at Randy and he said: “Well, it’s either time to rock or puke, I’m not sure which is gonna happen.” It was just the laugh needed to calm our nerves; we went on stage side-by- side and ROCKED! What a moment, what a memory. Thank you, my Brother.

We both knew that music was deep in our DNA, so it didn’t take long before we knew it was time for us to jam again. We reunited, knowing the stage would be much smaller, but our passion was always enormous. Without the pressure of record labels, Randy and I were able to really appreciate being in the moment where the goal was just to have fun. There was nothing better for us than to play “Turn Up the Radio” and hear our loyal fans singing along while introducing the next generation of rockers to join in. I recall how Randy worked a stage like no other bassist —he had all the moves of being the front man and the audience loved him for it… and always will.

Not knowing this would be one of our last conversations, while I was setting him up with streaming opportunities, I mentioned a melody I had in by head. Like we have done for so many years, I grabbed my guitar to play him a few licks, and like riding a bicycle, there was that familiar spark of our collaboration. While I had taken time off the road to rest my hands, and he reminded me that the audience “missed us”, that “Lynch and Rand energy” and he wanted us back on stage again. I replied, “I would love this, as soon as I’m ready.” Never in a million years did I think this wouldn’t happen and still a year later, it’s surreal to think it never will. I will finish that song when the time is right.

Grieving is not something we learn ahead of time; we go through the experience by going through the motions in real time. Losing someone too soon is a pain that never really heals, it lingers, and I’m learning that it’s ok to feel this way. I know you would be so proud of your beloved soulmate, Regina. She has been so strong through her grief and the aftermath of all that followed. She has found purpose in keeping your name and spirit alive and rocking, but her pain of losing you too soon remains.

At this point in my experience, there are a few things that I know for certain. I know the bond of our Brotherhood was truly a gift in my lifetime. And I know that every day you are loved and missed by all. Until we play again my friend, we will continue to Turn it Up!

Love and Peace my Brother… Aways.”

Autograph released a short statement with respect to Rand‘s passing via their Facebook page yesterday (on April 25, 2023) consisting of:

“This week marks one year since we lost our brother Randy Rand. He is in our thoughts every single day. We love you brother Randy! Rest in Peace.