Guitarist Tim Brown reveals that Striker snuck some synths and keyboards on their latest album

Guitarist Tim Brown reveals that Striker snuck some synths and keyboards on their latest album

Striker guitarist Tim Brown was recently interviewed by Kelowna Now as the Canadian heavy metal rockers make their way across Canada on their tour supporting Steel Panther from July 14 to 25, 2019.

Striker‘s sound has changed over the years and through the course of their sixth studio albums from an old school thrash sound to a more melodic one.

Brown indicated:

“You can only rewrite the same songs so many times, there are only so many ways you can pull these influences before it gets repetitive — and we want to write new stuff…”

“We get lumped into the new-wave heavy metal genre because people don’t really know where to put us, and I see where they are coming from because our sound has a lot of melody, much like everybody’s favourite bands from the ‘80s.”

“We grew up with the old-school speed metal sound, but if you look at the metal industry as a whole the bands that are just focusing on old music aren’t going anywhere…”

“It is our sixth album in three years, we have been doing a lot of writing and as a writer or musician you want to do different things, the bands that get the biggest are the ones trying new things, which is why we snuck in some synth and keyboard stuff this time — we haven’t heard a lot of new bands leaning toward that and we try to not sound like anyone else…”

You can read the rest of the article / interview with Tim Brown at Kelowna Now’s website.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Striker‘s latest album Play To Win:

Striker continue to evolve into one of the best “heavier” melodic bands of the last decade. I say “melodic” with a grain of salt as one listen to the opening guitar riffs on the opener “Heart of Lies” or one look at Striker’s logo, and you’ll think that you’re about to listen to a thrash metal or rather heavy album. And to be fair, Striker were essentially a thrash metal band when they started out loving the longer extended tracks with lots of nuances and guitar shredding. With their previous self-titled album, Striker decided to shorten their songs and concentrate on more melodies. I likened their sound at that time to a mixture of Anthrax meets Eclipse. This time, Striker seem to be playing more power metal band in the Helloween vain but with an exceptional amount of melodies for such a heavy band.

I was shocked by how Striker were able to incorporate so many killer melodies in their sound on their last self-titled album, and they have actually outdone themselves on their latest record Play To Win. The melodies are even better than on their self-titled album released back in 2017.”

Striker‘s “Heart of Lies” lyric video:

Striker – Heart Of Lies (Official Lyric Video)

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