Guitarist Todd Winger announces his departure from Collateral

Photo by Marty Moffatt

Guitarist Todd Winger announces his departure from Collateral

UK rockers Collateral consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Angelo Tristan, guitarist Louis Malagodi, bassist Jack Bentley-Smith and drummer Ben Atkinson will presumably be looking for a new bandmate as guitarist Todd Winger has formally announced his departure from the band.

The following massage was posted on Collateral‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Photo by Marty Moffatt

“Announcement from Todd:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my departure from Collateral.

It has been a glorious 5 years and I have been blessed to play some amazing stages but more importantly I have made some genuine lifelong friends all over the country because of this band.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so wonderful along this journey. I have been spoilt with kindness, courtesy, love and humor from end to end of this Island and beyond. I will miss your faces, the roar of your voices and pleasure of your company beyond measure.

Please know that there is no bad blood or issues between myself and the guys in the band, whatsoever!! This is a personal decision and it WAS NOT made lightly. The band have been supportive and understanding of my decision and I truely appreciate that.

I decree that Collateral will excel to the highest heights without hesitation and I am excited to witness it happen from the other side of the barrier!!

Angelo, I will miss your unrivalled drive and passion to aspire to bigger things and sharing hotel rooms watching Naked Attraction!

Jack, our crazy night chats and disco jukebox while you keep me awake when i’m driving!

Ben, the laughs we have on stage and the crack of your snare in soundcheck.. Actually no.. the snare is pure evil!

Louis, taking me on food safari in every city. You’ve opened my eyes to many culinary delights!

Matt, you are the funniest most caring man on this planet and I actually love you!

Thank you all for believing in me, helping me carry my massive Orange cabinet and most of all, playing an integral part in fulfilling my true childhood dreams of accomplishing the musical endeavours that we have all shared together.

I wish you my very, very best for a wildly successful future!! I truely believe in you!

Todd Winger, signing off. x”

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