Gunfire Erupts During L.A. Guns Labor Day Show


September 1, 2008

Sleaze Roxx received the following short email tonight regarding L.A. Guns’ latest live show: “Zach here from Omaha, Nebraska. I just got home from seeing L.A. Guns play and thought it might make an interesting story for you. Quite the night. The band was sounding great of course, when apparently a shooting broke out that pretty much forced the band to call it a night after playing probably only 5 or so songs.”

L.A. Guns vocalist Phil Lewis posted the following blog about what happened at the show:

“Back at the hotel early tonight on account of our show getting abruptly shut down because of a gun fight erupting adjacent to the stage. Up until that point the day was peachy, county fair kind of thing. Kiddy rides, funnel cakes, etc in the parking lot of the Quest Center in Omaha, NB.

We hit the stage at 10 pm and the place was rocking. All age gig, tons of kids up front, lots of fans that always show up whenever we play, great stage sound and lights. Perfect. Until I noticed during ‘Over the edge’, three songs in to our set, a stampede of at least a hundred people running through the crowd from right to left at full panic speed, closely followed by cops and security giving the cut throat stop the show signal. That took a moment to sink in before we quit playing and within seconds several cops with guns drawn formed a blanket around us and whisked us back to the dressing room.

The stage is now a crime scene and even though I promised we’d be back we obviously weren’t able to finish our set. Turns out a bunch of gang bangers opened fire on each other over by the rides and of course all hell broke loose, I’ve never seen anything like it. Ironically, last night we played in a corn field in the middle of Iowa for ten thousand bikers and not a single cop and there was no trouble at all and tonight things turned so ugly in a heartbeat at a wholesome Labor Day party.

We’re all fine and I don’t think anybody from our crowd got hurt. Props to the cops, I hate to think what could have happened if they hadn’t acted so quickly. As we were leaving there were helicopters flying over the arena and a hundred police cars surrounding the perimeter. If we find anything I’ll let you know.

Wow. Crazy shit.”

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