Gunner release video for song “Hearts Of Fire”

Gunner release video for song “Hearts Of Fire”

Argentinian rockers Gunner have released a video for their track “Hearts On Fire” which appears on their album All Access, which was released in early 2016 via the label Pulmonar Recordables & PRV. The video is a compilation of clips from their 2016-17 All Access Tour. The group will apparently be releasing a new album entitled Live In Japan 2017 in the future.

Track List for All Access:
01. Don’t Cross the Line
02. One Look
03. Unholy War
04. Reaching the Stars (We Are)
05. Through the Night
06. Waiting
07. Lonely As Love
08. Hearts Of Fire
09. Knight Rider
10. Dreaming Tokyo

Gunner‘s “Hearts Of Fire” video:

Gunner-Hearts of Fire

Video con imagenes ineditas de lo que fue el tour de All Access 2016-2017 con basktage e imagenes de archivo.A video with images of All Acces tour 2016-2017 …