Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy To Depart Top 30


December 16, 2008

After just three weeks, Guns n’ Roses much hyped ‘Chinese Democracy’ looks to be falling out of the Top 30 in the USA this week.

‘Chinese Democracy’ was greeted with a whimper when it was released more than 10 year late, three weeks ago.

In America, it debuted at 3 and last week fell to 18. is registering the chart position at 31 for this week but that could vary for the official chart when it comes out Thursday. However, it won’t move by much.

Hits reports the album sold around 48,000 units this week. Last week, it did around 56,000 and in week one sold 261,000 units.

Considering there were 1.5 million units bought by Best Buy, the retailer chain has done its nuts on this release.

The album has been met with similar failures around the world.

That led to a massive finger-pointing exercise. Best Buy were criticised for not given enough exposure in store for the title. Axl Rose was criticised for not doing any promo and the guy who released the illegal downloads was criticised for making it available for fans to steal.

Axl this week got a bit active, albeit to late, and albeit far too silly.

The first of his two online chats started off on a low with him calling the first poster a “c**t”.

The third posting actually started to make sense, with Axl explaining that he owned the GnR name before the Appetite For Destruction line-up was formed and that is why Chinese Democracy is a GnR album and not a solo album.

Are the fans buying the story? Maybe. Are the fans buying the album? No.

Regardless of who is to blame, ‘Chinese Democracy’ has been the biggest failure of 2008.

But don’t ask me, ask Best Buy’s music buyer. Has he been moved to shelf stacking duties yet?

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