Guns N’ Roses Classic Covered By Italian Rock Noir Band

Guns N’ Roses Classic Covered By Italian Rock Noir Band

March 20, 2013

Italian rock noir band Belladonna have just released a very noir version of the Guns N’ Roses classic love song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Belladonna’s cover is currently on iTunes, but it is also available as a free download on the band’s SoundCloud page at

A YouTube a video of the track has aslo been released, featuring the luscious singer Luana Caraffa at her very ‘noir-est’.

Italian quintet Belladonna are amongst that rare breed of bands whose absolute uniqueness has enraptured and inspired fans, followers and imitators all over the world. Rock Noir, that Belladonna extraordinary brand of emotionally-charged rock ‘n’ roll melodrama utterly seduced hordes of music lovers tired of being force-fed today’s computer-driven, fake-angst-ridden pseudo-rock down their ears.

Belladonna spent most of 2012 on tour all over Europe (Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic) and writing new songs. In two guerrilla sessions in a Rome studio in June and September the band recorded their new material for their fourth album, to be released in early 2013.

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