Guns N’ Roses Concert Runs Late, Angering Some Local Residents

Guns N’ Roses Concert Runs Late, Angering Some Local Residents

December 2, 2010

Guns N' Roses Concert Runs Late, Angering Some Local ResidentsNathan Paull of reports: The Guns N’ Roses concert was still ringing in the ears of some residents yesterday, who were clearly happy to see the legendary group fly out of Townsville.

The Bulletin was inundated yesterday with calls and texts from residents near Reid Park who were frustrated by the noise and late finish of the concert.

Hermit Park resident Mike Shearer said he was forced to turn up his television as the Gunners’ music dominated his lounge room on Wednesday night. “It was far too noisy and it went well outside the time it was meant to go,” Mr Shearer said. “If that concert was being held in my neighbour’s place, the police would have confiscated the hi-fi set, so why should they get away with it in Reid Park?”

Mr Shearer, who has also been vocal about the noise generated during the Townsville 400 V8 weekend, said Axl Rose and his crew were far worse. “With the V8s, the noise goes up and down, but the concert last night tended to stay noisy and they were still firing off rockets up until midnight and setting the neighbourhood dogs going,” he said.

A Townsville City Council spokesman told the Bulletin before the concert promoters were licensed to continue the show until 10.45pm and council and Liquor Licensing would monitor noise levels.

Mayor Les Tyrell said yesterday he understood why residents were angry after the concert stretched on until midnight. “Guns N’ Roses came on late and the concert ran late which is a concern to us and something we will talk to promoters about, as it is not fair for residents on a midweek event,” Cr Tyrell said. “The remainder of the feedback has been positive, with most people generally happy with traffic management, amenities and the state of the venue.”

Police said there were no major incidents as revellers behaved themselves.

Cr Tyrell said despite the noise and time breaches, the event was a “coming of age” for Reid Park. “We have had staff on site at all of the major events Tim McGraw, QNI Christmas Party, V8s and the concert last night and we are looking at the good and the bad to make sure we are continually improving the venue,” he said. “In spite of the recent rain and the complicated logistics of moving events in and out, Reid Park is holding up and really coming of age as a concert venue.”

The Gunners took to the stage more than an hour late.

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