Guns N’ Roses Eye Stadium Tour


March 6, 2009

Reformed rockers Guns N’ Roses are reportedly planning a stadium world tour this summer to promote their comeback album Chinese Democracy.

The long-awaited disc was released in November, a full 15 years after frontman Axl Rose began work on it.

Despite a huge amount of hype, the disc failed to top the U.S. charts and has been considered by critics to be a flop – with many blaming Rose for refusing to appear publicly to promote it.

Last month, Rose revealed he had a long-term plan to promote the album – and the band’s manager Irving Azoff now hints a tour is in the works.

He says, “Axl has been basically quiet, keeping out of the limelight for almost 15 years. People think they know him but they only really only know what has been said about him by questionable people. He is a good guy and often misunderstood – he is a professional who has worked very hard to build and maintain a high creative standard for Guns N’ Roses, which I support. We have some exciting things in the works this year for GNR, I’m looking forward to it.”

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