Guns N’ Roses Hint At Chinese Democracy Follow Up


December 13, 2008

Rumours of a reunion are also denied

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has hinted that a follow up to ‘Chinese Democracy’ could be on the cards after finally breaking his silence over the long awaited album.

Speaking to various fan forums and messageboards, the singer said there was a wealth of material left over which could be released in the near future.

“For now we’ll concentrate and keep our focus on this album but I will say I’ve always thought of it as a double,” he said.

He also spoke about why the original line-up split and a recent court case brought by Duff McKagan and Slash, reports Billboard.

“What I can say now is you’ve been told a lot of things in order for others to promote themselves that factually they cannot backup in regard to either,” Rose said. “They are complicated legally, financially and have devoured a good portion of my life.”

Meanwhile, the band’s manager Irving Azoff has dimissed rumours of the original line up getting back together, according to Yahoo.

In a statement he said: “There are no plans of a reunion, nor have there been any discussions of a reunion, with former Guns N’ Roses band members.”

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