Guns N’ Roses Hit In Running To Be NHL Team’s New Entrance Song

Guns N’ Roses Hit In Running To Be NHL Team’s New Entrance Song

February 18, 2013

A few weeks ago Project NU2 was launched, the official Vancouver Canucks hunt for a new entrance song. In the running for the National Hockey League team’s entrance song is Guns N’ Roses’ hit single “Welcome To The Jungle”, which is competing with tracks by Japandroids, Static In The Stars, Nickelback, Volbeat and DJ MEG.

The Vancouver Canucks laid out criteria for what they were looking for in a fresh tune and then opened the floor to you, their beloved fans. 2,853 submissions were received and the range of music was phenomenal; from The Who, Sam Roberts, April Wine and Toby Mac to Queen, The Hives, The Wallflowers and the Cobra Skulls, there was something for everyone — and yet the debate rages on.

After carefully sifting through the results, the top six songs as determined by fans have been gathered and are being put to another vote. You will find the top six songs at, and the one that receives the most votes will be played as the Canucks entrance music for two upcoming home games. Tell your friends to vote. Get them to tell their friends to vote. And if the winning song ushers the Canucks onto the ice in style and they go on to win in impressive fashion, who knows, maybe it stays in rotation for the rest of the season.

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