Guns N’ Roses Leaker Begs For Financial Aid Online


September 2, 2008

The man arrested by the FBI for leaking nine unreleased Guns N’ Roses tracks is asking for online financial help to fund his legal counsel. In a post on his website, where he first unveiled the new tracks illegally, blogger Kevin Cogill has revealed has retained the services of a lawyer and he has set up a Paypal account in an effort to raise funds for his defense.

He also plans on auctioning off his Gibson Les Paul BFG guitar to help raise cash for his impending trial.

He explains, “(This) has definitely been by far the biggest expense I have ever faced in my entire life. My resources are very limited while formidable costs shall continue to pile up. It’s beyond daunting, being a single independent citizen facing a full-force prosecution by the most powerful government in the world.”

If convicted Cogill faces a possible five-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. A preliminary hearing is booked for September 17.

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