Guns N’ Roses release piano version of “November Rain” for streaming

Guns N’ Roses release piano version of “November Rain” for streaming

Sleaze rock kings, Guns N’ Roses, have released a piano version of their blockbuster hit ballad “November Rain” from their 1986 Sound City Session.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Guns N’ Roses‘ deluxe 2 CD edition of Appetite For Destruction (which does not contain the piano version of “November Rain”):

“The real highlights of the B-Sides N’ EPs disc are the Sound City tracks which are really for the diehards who get a glimpse on the early origins of “Welcome To The Jungle,” “You’re Crazy,” “Nightrain,” “My Michelle” and “Paradise City” all performed at a slightly slower pace and an acoustic version of “Move To The City” which is an interesting surprise. All in all, this a great package to consolidate your previous copies of Appetite and GN’R Lies into one set with some extra goodies. I can’t see myself cruising down the road regularly blasting the Sound City renditions of these beloved tracks, but it will be cool to listen back to them every now and again. This is a glorious and sad time. Guns N’ Roses were such a fantastic band that became so over indulgent and are now a shell of what they once were. These five guys were untouchable at their peak. They crashed and they burned, but what a hell of a great ride it was from 1987-1989. At least we have this two disc collection to remind us of the band’s greatness.”

Guns N’ Roses‘ “November Rain” (piano version / 1986 Sound City Session) song:

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain (Audio / Piano Version / 1986 Sound City Session)

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