Guns N’ Roses Warn Fans About Dr Pepper Promotion


November 22, 2008

Guns n’ Roses are concerned that fans might get dicked around by a Dr Pepper promotion offering a few can of soda to everyone in America.

The band has made it clear that it is not involved in the promotion in any way.

Dr Pepper made the promise earlier this year as a challenge for Axl Rose to release the long-overdue Chinese Democracy album.

Now that the album is out, the Dr Pepper promotion has been made clear and it has a catch.

For starters, you have to apply online at the Dr Pepper website to receive a voucher. That means Dr Pepper will generate a massive database worth far greater than the can of soda they are giving away.

Armed with your personal details, Dr Pepper could trade that information without your knowledge.

Also, the free can of drink redemption is only available on the day of the album’s US release (November 23).

A statement from Guns n’ Roses reads, “For those who heard about Dr. Pepper’s offer to give each and every American a free can of soda if Chinese Democracy is released in 2008, Guns N’ Roses wants to make sure every Guns N’ Roses fan, and every other American, gets what was promised. The band is not involved in this promotion, but understood that every American (with a couple of exceptions) would get a free can of Dr Pepper. Apparently, only those who go to the soda company’s Web site on Sunday, November 23 and sign up for a free 20 ounce soda coupon will get the free can. Guns N’ Roses encourages all those interested to sign up for their coupon on Sunday, collect their drink and celebrate the release of Chinese Democracy!”

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