Gyasi releases new single “Kiss Kiss” from upcoming vinyl album ‘Pronounced Jah-See’

Gyasi releases new single “Kiss Kiss” from upcoming vinyl album ‘Pronounced Jah-See’

Nashville, Tennessee, USA rocker Gyasi has released a new single titled “Kiss Kiss” from his upcoming first full-length vinyl album Pronounced Jah-See.

The following message was posted in part on Gyasi‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Thrilled to officially announce that @alivenaturalsound is releasing my first full length vinyl record titled “Pronounced Jah-See.” It is a compilation of songs from my ep and first album as well as some new ones. The second single from this release, “Kiss Kiss” is out today! Link up in that there bio.

Cover photo by @scottwillisphotography.”

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in August 2019, Gyasi was asked what led him to the glam music genre to which he replied: “I was always a very flamboyant kid and I was always interested in acting. I would do all sorts of different accents and characters and I was always performing for whoever was around. Also, our next door neighbors were a family from St. Petersburg, Russia, who really turned me on to [David] Bowie and Lou Reed and showed me the layers of artistry happening in what they were doing. As my songwriting developed, I wanted to create my own world by combining elements of theatre with the music. I wanted to create a show that’s transportive. I started immersing myself in fashion and looking at fabrics as well as makeup. I designed some clothes and found a seamstress to make them and I was able to become this character, which is really just an extension of myself.”

Gyasi‘s “Kiss Kiss” single:

Gyasi‘s “Teacher” video: