Gypsy Lee Pistolero Launches Campaign To Fund Upcoming Solo Album

Gypsy Lee Pistolero Launches Campaign To Fund Upcoming Solo Album

May 18, 2012

Gypsy Lee Pistolero Launches Campaign To Fund Upcoming Solo AlbumFounder, main songwriter, and frontman of the notorious band Gypsy Pistoleros — who released three critically acclaimed albums and an EP described as “the greatest flamenco sleaze glam rock ever” — has gone solo, flying under the Gypsy Lee Pistolero flag.

Mastering the dirty sounds of a Gretsch guitar and enlisting the help of former White Trash UK band mate Mark Westwood, Spanglish-speaking outlaw Gypsy Lee Pistolero will release a brand new solo album entitled ‘The Good, The Mad And The Beautiful’, in October 2012 via

As former founder of the critically acclaimed Gypsy Pistoleros, Gypsy Lee Pistolero left his own band on the eve of the ‘Greatest Hits’ album launch party a few weeks ago — totally disillusioned with the bullshit and the constraints of a band.

Lee stated, “Days after leaving my own band I pulled in my old White Trash UK writing partner, guitarist/bassist/producer (clever tosser) Mark Westwood, and we have madly put together 20 plus new songs, all the great songs I’d been saving for ‘God knows what?’. All the great ideas and songs that couldn’t be done within the constraints of bands, labels, sales, etc. We have begun demoing. Lee Evans (Leeroy Pistolero) has the drum duties, and Kris Jones is on trumpet. This time, I will get it perfect. This will be the pure Flamenco Rumba Punk Glam Sleaze Trash Rock N Roll vision that I set out with! There was no way anyone was gonna f$$k with these tracks. With your help Bandidos, these are pure, twisted and untainted! The songs are punkier and more retro Rock N Roll, still with the Flamenco vibe.”

The Pledge campaign has some amazing exclusives/updates not available anywhere else!

“Changes in the music industry and the new ways of releasing quality music are here to stay,” continues Pistolero. “After hearing about PledgeMusic, I got really excited! With the success of my old mucker Ginger and his Pledge campaign I finally realised that something new and fresh does exist, where the artist can be in direct interaction with the fans without any compromises. I have always been open and totally in contact with people interested in my music, something that record labels, and even AEG and major rock band mates in the US, tried to discourage. I want to make music for the people that understand me and my f$$ked up vision.”

“Deciding to embrace the changes in the music industry that have occurred in the last year,” concludes Pistolero, “I have turned to Pledge Music and the Bandido family (the fans, friends, freaks and beautifullly twisted) to make this thing happen. So, check out the pledge rewards please, and become a part of this!!! Because as an artist, it is all about me and you! Its US! The rest is bullsh$t!”

The Pledge album is due out September 18th — 14 new tracks, plus 16 rare other downloads. Rare gems include the original never released Gypsy Pistoleros 2005 album (guitarists being Neil Phillips and Mark Westwood), amongst others. There will be a limited 500 signed Red Vinyl album also available.

A final 10 track abum (picked by the pledgers) — Gypsy Lee Pistolero’s ‘The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful’ — will be released commercially by Heavy Metal Records ( who activated the option on Gypsy Lee Pistoero solo releases in November.

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