Gypsy Pistoleros Ask Fans To Vote For Songs To Appear On New CD


March 25, 2009

Gypsy Pistoleros have got so many songs to chose from that they decided to let you, the fans, pick one of the songs to be included on their upcoming album.

Heres how you do it:
– look through the list of options
– think long and hard about which one youd like to hear on the album
– make up your mind
– reply to the gypsy myspace site with your choice (
– repost the bulletin

And the song options are:
1. La Bamba
2. Macarena
3. She Bangs
4. Las Ketchup
5. La Cuccaracha
6. Tequila
7. Una Paloma Blanca
8. Spanish Eyes
9. Volares
10. When

If the responce is very positive the band might do an entire album of classic covers. The album will be in the vein of “Use Your Illusion II” (not I) meets Ricky Martin humping Julio Iglesias, and tentatively titeled “The Paella Incident”.

The band are also toying with the idea of releasing the entire album, “Welcome To The Hotel de la Muerte”, as a Karaoke album. Give the band your thoughts on that if you will.

The single, “Living Down With the Gypsys” will also be accompanied with a video in the style of the three amigos featuring famous donkeys from the best donky shows in all of Mexico!! No donkeys will be hurt (any more than usual) in the making of the video.

Below is the video for the song “Un Hombre Sin Rostro, Pistolero”, from the Gypsy Pistoleros’ debut album ‘Para Siempre’.

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