Gypsy Pistoleros Seeking New Bassist As Accusations Fly


December 3, 2007

Gypsy Pistoleros is currently looking for a new bassist to replace the recently departed Angel. The band posted the following message regarding the split at

Angel Pistolero sacked!!!

Auditions have begun!!! Apologies to all of our U.S fans, we had to cut short the Tour due to Aarron Dewhurst walking out on the band in the middle of the night before the Maximedia concert!

The tour was ill put together, venues double booked, transport non functional but saved by our fantastic friends & followers in the U.S, who helped in every way possible!!!

Despite ridiculous venues, etc, failed promises, no money, etc, the Pistoleros refused to give up on the Tour and decided to play for those that had taken the trouble to come (many miles in a lot of cases).

Angel Pistolero sneaked out on the band in the middle of the night (taking merch money with him after not contributing a penny to the tour because he said he had to be with his girlfriend) before the Maximedia gig (Iggies birthday)!!! We appeared onstage with Dirty Penny to sing Anarchy in the U.K. for those that had turned up to see us!

From now on all U.S. bookings will be handled by Mark Blainey – Factory Music (

Auditions will begin in two weeks, please contact if you would like to be considered through our myspace page!

‘Para Siempre’ the debut album, produced by Joe Gibb is released on BAD REPUTATION Records early next year!!

‘The Road to Rocklahoma’ U.K. & European Tour will begin in March through to April featuring Gypsy Pistoleros & Dirty Penny + S.E.X. Department.

The tour will then come to the U.S culminating in a triumphant return to Rocklahoma 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Former bassist Angel Pistoleros then explained his version of the departure at

In response to the bullshit, lies and false statements surrounding my departure from the Gypsy Pistoleros, I feel it is important that you actually hear the truth from me.

The U.S. tour was unprofessionaly constructed and I was misled into believing we would come out of this with high prospects. Many things were great about the tour, such as seeing fans/supporters, meeting new people, and feeling like part of the family to many of those people. I thank everyone from the heart. Things might look great onstage, but there are a lot of issues within the band’s personal lives. In respect to the guys, I’m not going to exploit that all over myspace and aren’t willing to discuss these issues with anybody. What you do need to know is that I’m being made out to look the bad guy here, when all I’ve ever wanted to do is maintain a professional relationship on and off stage.

I did get ill on tour, as many of you know. I’m a fighter and am strong. If I believe in something i’ll fight to the end. I played through the shows even though I didn’t feel 100% and I did this for the fans. Your love and support means everything to me.

I’m not ashamed to admit that my reasons for departure from the U.S. tour relate to disagreements and fractured friendships/relationships within the band. I apologize completely to anybody that feels let down by my decision to withdraw from the tour. It was made aware of the bands decision to use my illness as an excuse to cut the tour short. I’m deeply disappointed with them for being used to save their asses from embarassment.

At this point I wish to cut all ties with the Gypsy Pistoleros. I’m not asking the fans/supporters to chose a side, however I just want people to know the truth about this situation. I hope that you will understand that I’ve been used as a scapegoat.

Thank you for the continuous support and please be sure to look out for my next project.


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