Gypsy Rose announce new band line-up

Gypsy Rose announce new band line-up

The revamped Gypsy Rose have announced their new line-up consisting of the classic band line-up of lead vocalist Michael Ross, bassist Rob Laidlaw, guitarist Adam Arsenault and drummer Steve Thomas along with newcomer Mike McAvan via their new website.

The following message was posted on Ross‘ Facebook page yesterday:

“Wanted to let you all know that Norene updated the Gypsy Rose website as we’ve now announced the NEW lineup and a NEVER before seen(even I had never seen it) photo of the original GYPSY ROSE that was so graciously sent to us by my good friend and amazing Rock Photographer MARK WEISS who has shot Kiss..OzzyMotley Crue…etc etc etc and we were so fortunate to have Mark do all the photography for the PREY ALBUM…so in case you haven’t yet seen our ever changing updated website, please do at and sign up for all our updates,news and soon to come live show announcements….2017 has turned out to be really good for me the last few months but 2018 is absolutely going to ROCK!…….Steve,Rob Adam and myself included would love to welcome Mike McAvan to the band on guitar… welcome aboard brother….and to everyone who has messaged me or supported either myself and the band…..THANK YOU….you know who you are….m”

Gypsy Rose‘s “Poisoned Love” video:

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