Gypsy Rose release new song “Only My Voice Came Back” from upcoming ‘Rosary Of Tears’ album

Gypsy Rose release new song “Only My Voice Came Back” from upcoming ‘Rosary Of Tears’ album

Canadian rockers Gypsy Rose fronted by singer Michael Ross continue their comeback with the release of their new song “Only My Voice Came Back” from their upcoming and never released sophomore album Rosary Of Tears.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Gypsy Rose‘s Poisoned By Love, which was released by FnA Records back in 2012: “In the late ’80s Gene Simmons proved there was more to the famed bassist than face-paint and spewing blood when he founded Simmons Records. Of course, like the majority of The Demon’s business ventures outside of KISS, the label wasn’t very successful but it did manage to release four albums before sinking — one of them being Gypsy Rose‘s Prey. My personal favorite from the sparse Simmons Records catalogue, Prey was one of those albums that hit the shelves a little too late, and resulted in Gypsy Rose becoming a ‘one and done’ band… that is, until now….

As mentioned earlier, the only thing that hurts this album is the sound quality. If Gypsy Rose would have been given the opportunity to record some of these tracks with a professional producer back in the early ’90s they would have had another satisfying album on their hands. But it’s easy to look past the suspect quality that sometimes rears its ugly head on Poisoned By Love and concentrate on the songs themselves because there are only a couple stinkers on the entire album. Hopefully this disc results in a reunion of sorts, and even better yet… more music from these underrated Canadian rockers!”

Gypsy Rose’s “Only My Voice Came Back” song:

GYPSY ROSE ♠ Only My Voice Came Back ♠ HQ

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