Gypsy Rose Stream Upcoming Album Teaser On Sleaze Roxx

Gypsy Rose Stream Upcoming Album Teaser On Sleaze Roxx

September 9, 2012

On September 17th Gypsy Rose will release ‘Poisoned By Love’ through FnA Records, and the album’s audio teaser is streaming exclusively on

“I think these songs are very good,” Michael Ross tells “They were for the second album before Simmons Records/RCA lost its deal, plus a couple that didn’t make the Prey CD. I am also working on a Gypsy Rose reunion, but it looks like it will only be myself, a drummer, and (guitarist) Brian Joyce.”

Gypsy Rose were one of the first bands to be signed by KISS bassist Gene Simmons to Simmons/RCA back in the days of MTV, resulting in the release of ‘Prey’ in 1990. Now its time to enjoy another ride with lead singer Michael Ross and the gang with ‘Poisoned By Love’, and album that consists of tracks recorded from 1988-1992, acoustic and reworked versions of the fan favorites “Poisoned By Love” and “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” as well as two tracks from Michael Ross’ solo debut album.

“I have a few great memories of recording these songs”, Ross continues. “Songs like Hell’s Kitchen and Free Me From Me were recorded at Michael Matijevic’s (from Steelheart) home studio — we had a lot of laughs and I learned from him about singing and phrasing. Two Many Pieces was recorded in Memphis when the band had about 10 strippers in the studio watching and listening to us record. It was such a great time.”

‘Poisoned By Love’ will be available in regular and autographed versions at

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