H.E.A.T release lyric video for new single “Time On Our Side”

H.E.A.T release lyric video for new single “Time On Our Side”

Swedish rockers H.E.A.T are back with a lyric video for their new single “Time On Our Side” from their upcoming new studio album Into The Great Unknown, which will be released via EarMusic on September 22, 2017.

The lyric video was premiered on Team Rock and the following are excerpts from the Team Rock article pertaining to comments from various band members about the new single (with slight edits):

“‘Time On Our Side’ is a song about a relationship in which you have lost something over the years and it has become more and more difficult to endure,” says singer Erik Grönwall. The song lyrics are sung in the perspective where you are begging your counterpart to have faith and patience in each other with a promise that you’ll do everything in your power to make it better again.”

“When I first heard the chorus on ‘Time On Our Side’ there wasn’t a single hair on my body that didn’t stand straight up,” says bassist Jona Tee. “It’s just one of those songs that immediately touches you and sends shivers all over the body. The combination of the melody and the lyrics is just perfect. It instantly puts you in a state of mind where you begin to ponder what really matters. I may have experienced this before only with 10 songs, tops. The rest of the song serves as the perfect appetiser for the epic main course. Enjoy!”

You can read the rest of the article at Team Rock.

H.E.A.T‘s “Time On Our Side” lyric video:

H.E.A.T – Time On Our Side (Official Lyric Video)

H.E.A.T – Time On Our Side (Official Lyric Video)Time On Our Side, track number 4 on the album Into The Great Unknown by H.E.A.T🎵Stream/Download here: https…