‘Hair I Go Again’ Documentary Currently In Production

‘Hair I Go Again’ Documentary Currently In Production

January 11, 2013

In the tradition of ‘Anvil: The Story Of Anvil’ comes ‘Hair I Go Again’, a documentary now in production about a former hair band going after their dream during mid-life — even after the stage leaps are too painful, the hearing isn’t at 100% and the spandex doesn’t fit. Interspersed with archival concert footage, the 90-minute documentary features candid interviews with rockers Jeff Pilson (Dokken/Foreigner), Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), Erik Turner and Robert Mason(Warrant), Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys), Share Ross (Vixen), Jaime St. James (Black ‘n Blue) as well as many other industry professionals.

What happens when two middle-aged ex-rockers try to put the band back together? Well, it ain’t easy, especially when you’ve lost your hair, can’t play guitar anymore and the wife doesn’t want you to go out and play with the boys. But when you have a dream and music is in your blood, well, even if the pressure and cholesterol is high — you gotta do what you gotta do.

In 1985, the teenage, glam-metal band Tryxx was hatched. To them, it seemed fame, fortune and a record deal was certainly within their reach. And why not? The group had firmly established themselves as a formidable opponent in the battle-of-the-band laden, skating rink circuit of West Central Florida. Next step was LA’s Whiskey, the skies the limit. Sadly, reality hit them hard. Before they made the big time, the band imploded and unceremoniously broke up. It could have been over some chick, it could have been anything, but the bottom line — the band was through. Now, a quarter century later, founding members Kyle Kruger and Steve McClure embark on an improbable mission to reunite the band, and perform as on opening act for one of their heavy metal idols.

Kruger and McClure hit the road in search of their rock ‘n roll past with the hope of reigniting their creative juices. The long hair, leopard skin prints and all night parties are gone. Replaced by male pattern baldness, oversized jeans and the grind of 9-5 jobs. But their quest is to find that old rock n roll magic. The journey will take them cross-country as they seek, perhaps stalk, their metal heroes with the hope of hearing the words “you’ve got the gig.”

Will they find their long-lost band mates? Can any of them still hold a tune? The search for their dream is documented in ‘Hair I Go Again’. The documentary is produced by Kyle Kruger and Steve McClure, whose previous documentary, ‘Rain Falls From Earth: Surviving Cambodia’s Darkest Hour’ was narrated by Sam Waterston.

For more information on the documentary, and a complete list of rock stars taking part in the project, visit www.hairigoagain.com.

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