Hair I Go Again Documentary Fundraising Campaign Ending Soon

Hair I Go Again Documentary Fundraising Campaign Ending Soon

April 9, 2013

The final push is on to raise $35,000 to go towards completion of the documentary film Hair I Go Again. Donations to help with the final stage of the film’s production can be made at

Hair I Go Again producer and musician Kyle Kruger states, “We are pleased to announce that we have a distribution deal in place that will make Hair I Go Again available to over 100 million homes in North America. Now all we need to do is finish the film! Are you ready to jump in?”

Hair I Go Again chronicles the improbable journey of two lifelong friends who, facing mid-life, ultimately realize their mortality and set out to reform their hair band from the 80’s. Their ultimate goal – perform as an opening act for one of their heavy metal idols.

With pyrotechnics in their eyes, former bandmates Kyle Kruger and Steve McClure set out on a cross-country adventure in search of their rock and roll past. The permed hair, leopard skin prints, and all night parties are long gone, only to be replaced by male pattern baldness, oversized jeans, and the mundane grind of 9-5 jobs. Adding to the difficulty are family obligations, mortgages, a lack of musical gear, out-of-practice players, and personal insecurities; all of which stand in the way of reclaiming the magic they had as a band over twenty-five years ago.

Featuring candid interviews with some of the most influential musicians and industry professionals in the business. Their expert opinions, sound advice and career guidance help steer the way for the formidable task at hand.

It’s a story about a lifelong friendship and the struggles of dealing with the always present thought of ‘what if?’ It’s about rediscovery, determination and failure. It’s a tale of those who once set out to achieve, but somehow fell short of their ambitions because, simply put, life got in the way.

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