‘Hair In The Fair Rock Festival’ in Canada needs minimum of 1,000 ticket packages sold in next 4 days

‘Hair In The Fair Rock Festival’ in Canada needs minimum of 1,000 ticket packages sold in next 4 days

The Hair In The Fair Rock Festival hosted by Rock The Roses was supposed to take place in Welland, Ontario, Canada from July 11 to 13, 2019 with 26 bands including headliners Ratt, Sebastian Bach and Vince Neil.

The first red flags seemed to be with a prior event hosted by Rock The Roses in Welland on June 1, 2019, which featured Sebastian Bach, FireHouse and Sven Gali. That event was reportedly poorly attended.

The Trailer Park Boys were the first to officially pull out on June 20, 2019 (Tom Keifer was removed from the line-up back in or about April 2019) with the following Facebook message:


Due to the promoters not fulfilling their contractual obligations, we have been forced to cancel our appearance at the Rock The Roses ‘Hair In The Fair’ Festival in Welland, Ontario on Friday, July 12. We’re very sorry to fans that planned to see us there, but hope to be back that way soon.

Any questions about the festival can be directed to the promoter at rocktheroses.ca.”

Bach cancelled shortly after and there have been a series of bands cancelling thereafter over the last few days including Vince Neil, Black ‘N Blue, Autograph and Vixen.

The following message was posted on Rock The Roses‘ Facebook page earlier today:


Thursday July 11 and Friday July 12 are still set with the acts listed. We have inked more bands for Friday and will announce soon. We realize change is disturbing but the facts are this. Ticket sales are low. Friday, being the lowest of the 3 days. This event has been marketed for 6 months and it has seen mild results. This event can still be a great one. We have 4 days to make this the event what we want it to be. We can’t put it any other way, a minimum 1000 ticket packages need sold in the next couple days. Corporations, businesses and fellow concert goers, we still have Camping, limited VIP and general admission are available. Cancelling the event makes no sense for anyone. Let’s make it happen. www.rocktheroses.ca for tickets and details.

This festival is built for the music, the energy, the love of the 80s brand of music. It’s an event to boost the economy of our Rose City and Niagara Region. It’s a festival welcoming ticket package purchasers from as far away as Russia, France, Norway, Mexico, Utah, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and over 100 cities within Ontario as far North as Thunder Bay. The Niagara Region represents less than 12% of the orders placed to date. A puzzling statistic.

The power is with you. The next 4 days determines how this becomes. It would be unfortunate for all if we don’t Rock The Roses.

To our rocking supporters, artists and personnel, volunteers and City employees willing to put their heart and soul into this event, we say to you… Gimmee an R and Rock The Roses.

It’s for our City and Region with pride and passion. Embrace it.

Happy Canada Day weekend to all. Enjoy with friends and family and please stay safe.”

The Hair in The Fair Rock Festival‘s current “revised” line-up can be seen below: