Hair Metal Heaven UK Festival adds Hardline, The Dogs D’Amour, Junkyard and more bands

Hair Metal Heaven UK Festival adds Hardline, The Dogs D’Amour, Junkyard and more bands

The Hair Metal Heaven Festival, that will be taking place from August 25 to 27, 2017 at O’Rileys (August 25th) and Hull City Hull (August 26th and 27th) in Hull, UK, has announced another round of bands which has to be seen as a dream come true for many die-hard fans. The festival bill already has the likes of TNT, Vain, Wildside and DAD amongst many other greats and the following bands have now been announced to Hair Metal Heaven‘s line-up: second headliner Hardline, The Dogs D’Amour, House Of Lords, Junkyard and newcomer Fragile Things.

In addition, Hair Metal Heaven has announced that the one and only Michael Monroe will be playing a special intimate acoustic set for all platinum VIP ticket holders.


In honour of the 25th anniversary of their debut Double Eclipse album, Hardline are set to play the album in its entirety during their headline slot at Hair Metal Heaven and during one other UK date.

Wikipedia states in part the following about Hardline (with slight edits):

Hardline is an American hard rock band. Originally formed in 1991 by brothers Johnny Gioeli and Joey Gioeli, the band consisted of five members, Johnny Gioeli, Joey Gioeli, Neal Schon, Todd Jensen and Deen Castronovo. The band’s most recent album Human Nature, was released in 2016. Joey Gioeli has not appeared on a Hardline album since 2002’s II. As of 2012, Johnny Gioeli remains the only original member of the band.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Hardline‘s latest studio album Human Nature: “I think Hardline‘s decision to go a heavier route has served them well as they have come up with a mostly strong album from start to finish. If you like melodic rock and well played quality songs, you simply can’t go wrong with Hardline‘s Human Nature.”

Hardline’s “Hot Cherie” video:

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The Dogs D’Amour

Wikipedia states in part the following about The Dogs D’Amour (with slight edits):

The Dogs D’Amour are a rock and roll band formed in 1983 in London, England. Over the years the band has had various line-ups, the only constant being vocalist Tyla. In 1991, the band broke up onstage, before reforming briefly in the early 1990s for the release of their sixth studio album More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace. After this, however, the most famous incarnation of the band ceased to exist. There was another brief reunion in 2000 and an album, but, throughout the 2000s, Tyla has been touring and releasing albums under the band name, which is vastly different from their older material. In December 2012, the ‘classic’ line-up of Tyla, Jo ‘Dog’ Almeida, Steve James and Bam agreed to reform to play a series of benefit concerts for their long-time friend, and former bandmate, Paul Hornby. In January 2013, the band recorded an EP in Florida and announced live dates for the UK and Spain.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace: “Has there been a hard rock band like The Dogs D’amour in recent years? A group that has been largely ignored by the record buying public yet has managed to secure a dedicated cult following and a history shrouded in decadent folklore. The album title alone, More Uncharted Heights Of Disgrace, only helps fuel the legend of The Dogs and more appropriately vocalist Tyla. For those that have never heard The Dogs D’amour before, ignore the glam image and the famed stories of onstage debauchery. This band owes more to the bluesy balladeers of the 70s than anything released in the last couple decades. Tyla‘s voice is one of those things that has to be heard firsthand in order to understand its unconventional leanings.”

The Dogs D’Amour’s “How Come It Never Rains” video:

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House Of Lords

Wikipedia states in part the following about House Of Lords (with slight edits):

“House of Lords is a rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1987 by former Angel member and keyboardist Gregg Giuffria after his solo project Giuffria. After listening to demos – originally intended for Giuffria‘s third record – a record deal with Gene Simmons‘ company Simmons Records was agreed upon, on two conditions that the band’s name be changed (to House of Lords) and a new lead singer recruited (firing David Glen Eisley in the process). James Christian thus replaced Eisley, after Christian was suggested by ex-Giuffria and Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright, after having worked together in L.A. RocksHouse of Lords‘ eponymous debut was released in 1988, featuring a heavier sound than Giuffria with a lower keyboard mix. The album received critical acclaim and the band toured with Cheap Trick, Ozzy Osbourne and the Scorpions in 1989… In January 2017, it was announced that House of Lords‘ eleventh studio album ‘Saint Of The Lost Souls‘ would be released on March 24. According to a Frontiers press release, the album was recorded with essentially the same line-up as previous albums, the only change being Chris Tristram replacing Chris McCarvill on bass guitar.”

House Of Lords‘ “Can’t Find My Way Home” video:


House Of Lords-Can’t Find My Way Home HQ

House Of Lords-Can’t Find My Way Home HQ


Anyone following Junkyard on Facebook and other social media may have seen this coming, as a multitude of hints have been pointing at the UK as their next destination, from merchandise from their 1991 tour to stories surrounding the tour.

Wikipedia states in part the following about Junkyard (with slight edits): “Junkyard is a hard rock band formed in 1987 in Los Angeles (but claim to be from Austin TX), with members formerly in Minor Threat, The Big Boys, Decry and Dag Nasty. The band has often drawn comparisons with Guns N’ Roses (which, like Junkyard, signed with Geffen Records)… 2017 will bring a new release and more US/UK dates.”

Sleaze Roxx caught Junkyard live at the Rock N Skull Festival on October 30, 2016 and stated the following: “One band that I was really looking forward to seeing play live was Junkyard. They play the kind of grittier type of rock n’ roll that I prefer and I had heard that they put on a strong live performance. Junkyard didn’t disappoint starting strong out of the gate and never letting up. Although I recognized most of the songs, naming them is a real challenge. After years and years of seeing the band members’ pictures, it was neat to finally see them in the flesh.”

Junkyard’s “Hollywood” video:

Junkyard – ‘Hollywood’ (1989)

Junkyard, a hard rock band formed in LA in 1989, never really got the recognition they deserved. After a short-lived career, they disbanded by 1992. ‘Hollywo…

Fragile Things

Fragile Things‘ bio on their website states (with slight edits):

“Featuring former members of Heaven’s Basement and Endless Mile, Fragile Things are at the forefront of a new generation of rock. Hailing from different backgrounds, different influences and different places, what brought the four members of Fragile Things together is their passion love and belief in good rock music. 

Based in Milton Keynes, this four piece consisting of Richie Hevanz (vocals), Mark Hanlon (guitars), Steve Lathwell (bass) and Hugo Bowman (drums) combine massive riffs, huge grooves and soaring vocals with heart felt lyrics that create the message ‘You are not alone’.  With a live show bursting with energy, Fragile Things are on a mission to bring British rock back to the top!”

Fragile Things’ “Broken Sun” video:

Fragile Things – Broken Sun (Lyric Video)

Download our EP “Broken Sun” here: to Red City Recordings for recording/producing the song….

Further details regarding the event can be found on Hair Metal Heaven‘s Facebook page and/or website.