Halestorm’s new EP ‘Reimagined’ to be released on August 14th

Halestorm’s new EP ‘Reimagined’ to be released on August 14th

After Lynch Mob announced that they were planning on releasing new interpretations of the songs from their classic debut album Wicked Sensation with the album Wicked Sensation Reimagined, it’s now Halestorm‘s turn to announce an EP filled mostly with new versions of some of their classic songs from their earlier albums.

Track List for Reimagined:
01. I Get Off
02. I Miss The Misery
03. I Am The Fire
04. Break In” (Feat. Amy Lee)
05. I Will Always Love You
06. Mz. Hyde

Amazon indicates (with slight edits):

“For the new EP, Halestorm re-envisioned, re-upped, and reconstructed various fan favorites from their multiplatinum catalog. To introduce the project, they have shared the first single “Break In” [feat. Amy Lee]. “Break In” originally appeared on the band’s gold-selling 2012 album, The Strange Case Of… During the Carnival of Madness Tour, the Evanescence frontwoman joined the group for a stunning live rendition of the tune on a nightly basis.

Recently, Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale hosted Lee on her We Are Hear interview series Raise Your Horns With Lzzy Hale. Together, they teamed up for a powerful performance of “Break In” online, inviting anticipation for the official duet. Over stark and shuddering piano, their voices reach soaring heights on this poignant, poetic, and powerful ballad, uniting two of rock’s most recognizable and raw voices.

Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale commented on the new EP and collaboration detailing, “Over the last decade we’ve been putting out cover EPs in between every original album cycle just for fun…But this time around we decided to shake it up! For our Reimagined EP, we committed to only one cover but filled the rest with reimagined versions of Halestorm songs. It was such a blast to remake some of our favorite originals. One of the stand out moments on this EP is a duet of our song “Break In” featuring the amazingly incomparable Amy Lee.

Produced by Nick Rasculinecz, we recorded this duet pre-COVID-19, together in the same room, live, as a full performance from beginning to end. Amy brought new meaning to this song, turning what was once just a love song into a statement of unity and support for each other.I hope you find something in Reimagined that brings you joy and hope in these crazy times we live in! In addition to “Break In,” Halestorm have reinvented their 2009 single “I Get Off” and their incendiary track “I Am The Fire.” They also cut an official cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” another long-requested live gem.”

Halestorm‘s “Break In” video feat. Amy Lee:

Halestorm‘s “Break In” single (from The Stranger Case Of… album):