Hand On Heart release debut single “Roses”

Hand On Heart release debut single “Roses”

Italian rockers Hand On Heart consisting of lead vocalist and keyboardist Gianluca Niccoli, bassist Alessandro Moschini (ex-G.L.A.S., ex-H.A.R.E.M.), guitarist Christian Evans and drummer Sergio Leonetti (ex-G.L.A.S.) have unveiled their debut single “Roses.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Moschini explained how the band got formed in the first place. “We formed the band in 2017. I already knew the singer Gianluca Niccoli as we were involved in another project — the acoustic duo Coffee & Flowers — and the drummer Sergio Leonetti with whom we played together in the ’80s in another hard rock band called G.L.A.S.. At first, we had another guitarist but he abandoned the band and we replaced him with the English guitar player Christian Evans. Christian has been living in Italy for a long time and he has been invaluable for his guitar work and for revising the lyrics since English is his mother tongue.”

In terms of how the band name Hand On Heart came to be, Moschini stated: “The name of the band is inspired by the Queensrÿche song “Hand On Heart.” The song was also in our setlist that we played live.”

With respect to the recording of their debut album, Moschini indicated: “The recording is going well. On Friday [July 7, 2023], we will finish the recording of the second track that we will put on Spotify next month. We have five tracks with bass and drums already done and four of them done with rhythm and lead guitars. We have to record three other songs. The album will contain eight tracks and an intro, so in total nine tracks. We plan to release it in two to three months maximum. Of course, we will be in touch with you when it is finished.”

Hand On Heart‘s “Roses” single: