HangFire Debut “Faith In Me” Video With Former Tigertailz Drummer

HangFire Debut “Faith In Me” Video With Former Tigertailz Drummer

March 5, 2013

HangFire, featuring former Tigertailz drummer Matt Blakout, have finally released the long awaited video for “Faith In Me” from their 2012 ‘Shoot The Crow’ album. This is the third video from the Southern Welsh rockers and follows on from “Bodies” and “For Crying Out Loud” — the video, was produced from the many hours of on the road footage and depicts the band’s year throughout 2012.

Work on HangFire’s follow-up album to ‘Shoot The Crow’ is now heavily under way and the guys expect to be heading into the studio in the next month to be putting down the finalised tracks, ready for an early summer release through their Californian based label Ripple Music.

‘Shoot The Crow’ is still available for purchase from all the usual digital stores as well as from the band’s website at www.hangfire-rocks.co.uk. The band — consisting of Max Rhead (vocals), Lizzy Evans (guitar), Bobby Goo (bass) and Matt Blakout (drums) — are also excited to announce their addition to the Les Fest line-up, playing with Bonafide and JettBlack on the Sunday at Scotland’s only three day rock and metal festival, held on June 28 to 30th.

HangFire tour dates:
March 30 Goo’s Hometown Gig – West End Club – Barry
April 4 Bogiez – Cardiff (Love/Hate)
May 4 RACP/NLC Fest – The Maze – Nottingham
May 24 Party In The Pub – Patriot – Crumlin
June 8 Welfest – Warwick
June 21 Chill Bar – Ilfracombe
June 22 Calvert Stock Fest – Devon
June 23 Hard N Heavy Fest – Hog – Pontypool
June 29 Billing Biker Bash – Northampton
June 30 LesFest – Lanarkshire
July 5 Chinnor Bike Dayz – Princes Risborough
August 10 Hog n Hosper – Pontypool
August 17 Rebel Rally – Calverton – Nottingham
August 25 ScarFest – Longton – Stoke-on-Trent
September 14 TBC
September 21 Rock & Metal Circus Fest – Bromsgrove
September 22 Sky Fest – Mansfield
November 6/7/8/9 – TBC

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