Hansel Ready To Unleash “Eruption” Video On June 30th

Hansel Ready To Unleash “Eruption” Video On June 30th

June 25, 2010

Like an Icelandic volcano, Hansel erupted in January spilling their molten melodic juices onto the rock scene with their new album Never Say Die. With great reviews and some good promotion Hansel had a fantastic response and sold a whole bunch of CDs and mp3 downloads. All looked set for Hansel to flow over Europe in summer and solidify their place in the rock world with a label-organized tour. Jett Jones hit the road to Norway mid March where he got hitched (married) and the boys were to meet him in May. However, as the rock and roll rollercoaster goes, the contract with the economically crumbling Greek based label they were negotiating with managed to fall through like an empty crater, leaving them with their ethereal butts hanging in the ashen breeze.

Hansel couldn’t stop spraying out the molten metal, so in the meantime they have been shooting and producing their explosive film clip to Eruption, (with UK based Puzzleface films) the second track from Never Say Die (an ironic title I guess). Not to succumb to the volcanic ash cloud they have stood tall, dusted themselves off and will unveil this classic Hansel green-screen driven masterpiece officially on June 30th on www.youtube.com and their website www.hanselsohotrightnow.com.

Below is a brief behind the scenes promo clip to whet your appetite.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.hanselsohotrightnow.com