HARD Post Video Preview From Upcoming CD ‘Even Keel’

HARD Post Video Preview From Upcoming CD ‘Even Keel’

January 31, 2011

Swedish/Hungarian rockers HARD will release their new album ‘Even Keel’ on March 18, together with a concert at Club 202 in Budapest, Hungary. The band, consisting of Baltimoore’s Bjorn Lodin on vocals, Zsolt Vamos on guitar, Zsolt Borbely on drums and Gabor Mirkovics on bass, have posted a video preview from the album that can be viewed below.

HARD was formed in 2004 by some of the finest musicians in the Hungarian hard rock scene. After two critically acclaimed and award nominated albums in Hungary, the band decided to take a step forward and hit the international music territories with English lyrics.

After several line-up changes, their first international offering, “Traveller”, thanks to the album’s leading single, “Stay”, soon became successful. The band has appeared in the biggest international hard rock & heavy metal magazines, such us Metal Hammer, Burrn!, Fireworks, Hardline, Powerplay, etc. Rave reviews were made from every corner of the planet, even from the USA.

None other than famed record producer Beau Hill (of Winger/Ratt/Warrant / Airborne fame) blew his mind when he first heard the album, so he immediately asked the guys to let him remix some of the tunes. They agreed, and the result was more than amazing. The band also made a highly successful guest appearance at the Z Rock Festival in the UK in May 2009, but right after that a brand new chapter began in the HARD history.

In August 2009, the band announced that they had joined forces with acclaimed Swedish vocalist/guitarist/producer Bjorn Lodin of Baltimore… and so we have a classic album already! “Time…” is a hard slab of raw talent which kicks and screams like nothing else you have heard. It’s back to basics with this one… pounding rhythms and “in your face” riffs, with great vocal work from Bjorn Lodin. This album is a stunning display of energy and clever melodies, with licks so sharp you could listen to them time and time again.

A truly inspirational piece of work from a band that just may set a precedent for all others to follow, in short, essential.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/hardhungary