Hard Releases First Single From Forthcoming CD

Hard Releases First Single From Forthcoming CD

October 25, 2010

Swedish-Hungarian band Hard releases first single from forthcoming album. The new single is a very special occasion indeed, as Swedish singer Bjorn Lodin, as a gesture to his Hungarian bandmates and their Hungarian fans, took on the unlikely challenge of recording the band’s new single singing in Hungarian for the first time.

The song “Varj ugy” is a collaboration with award-winning top Hungarian lyricist Attila Horvath and also has a “Hunglish” version released, interpolating parts of an English-language version which will be featured on the forthcoming album due early 2011.

A video was shot for “Varj ugy” in Budapest on a boat on the Danube and can be viewed below.

HARD is a Swedish-Hungarian hard rock group, formed in 2004 by some of the finest musicians of the Hungarian hard rock scene. After two critically acclaimed and award-nominated albums in Hungary, the band decided to take it a step forward and hit international music territories with English lyrics. After several line-up changes, their first international offering, “Traveler”, was released worldwide in March 2008. The band has appeared in the biggest international hard rock & heavy metal magazines, such us Metal Hammer, Burrn!, Fireworks, Hardline, Powerplay etc. In August 2009, the band announced that they have joined forces with acclaimed Swedish vocalist/guitarist/producer Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore). The long awaited first album with this new line-up entitled ‘Time Is Waiting For No One’ was released on BLP Music/Escape Music in Europe and on BLP Music/Nightmare Records in North America.

The song can be heard/downloaded by clicking here.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.hardhungary.com