Hardbone unleash video for new track “Bang Goes The Money”

Hardbone unleash video for new track “Bang Goes The Money”

German hard rockers Hardbone consisting of lead vocalist Tim Dammann, lead guitarist Sebastian Kranke, rhythm guitarist Tommy Lindemann, bassist Tim Schwarz and drummer Benjamin Ulrich have released a video for their new song “Bang Goes The Money” from their upcoming fifth studio album No Frills, which will be available on May 8, 2020. You can pre-order the album at EMP‘s website.

Track List for No Frills:
01. Bang Goes The Money
02. Off The Beaten Track
03. Too Hot
04. A Man In His Prime
05. Breaking The Chains
06. To Hell
07. Holy Water
08. Less Talk, Less Bull
09. Boys’ Night Out
10. Back In The Day
11. Beastlike
12. I’m Talking To You

Bonus CD — Wacken 2018:
01. No Man’s Land
02. This Is Rock’n’Roll
03. Wild Nights
04. Bottlemate
05. Barfly
06. When It Comes Down To It
07. Walking Talking Sex Machine
08. Hellevator
09. Neckbreaker
10. One Last Shot

Hardbone‘s “Bang Goes The Money” video:

Hardbone – Bang Goes The Money (Official Video 2020)

Hardbone’s first single of their 2020 release “NO FRILLS” – available May 8, 2020.Pre-order at: — https://www.emp.de/p/no-frills/466656.html– https://remed…