Hardline release video for new song “Take You Home”

Hardline release video for new song “Take You Home”

Melodic rockers Hardline have released a video for their new song “Take You Home” from their upcoming new studio album Human Nature, which will be released via Frontiers Music Srl on October 14, 2016.

hardline-photoFreeman Promotions‘ press release states in part (with slight edits):

The goal for their new album was to have a heavier and updated version of the original Hardline sound. Think debut album, 1992’s “Double Eclipse” updated for the 21st Century, with a grittier and more straight ahead sound. Anthemic, hard rocking songs are what you can expect from this record and hook after hook, riff after riff, you’ll find yourself wowed by this absolute monster of an album!

When [Johnny] Gioeli and [Alessandro] Del Vechhio got together to begin writing songs for the album, “[T]he plan was to create an album that emulates the feeling of “Double Eclipse” combined with the dynamics of modern day rock. Very heavy and in your face, but still with hitting melodies,” says Johnny. “I have a tremendous amount of Axel Rudi Pell fans that know me for the way I deliver a metal song too. So yes, it’s definitely the heaviest we have done since the debut. I see this album as the perfect mix of styles.”

hardline-cover“As a producer I pushed everyone to squeeze these songs and put as much attitude as we could on tape,” adds Alessandro Del Vecchio. “We wanted more of an in-your-face attitude than our softer albums. I think we understood we had something special in our hands when we finished “Take You Home”. Even if it’s the ballad of the album I guess it’s the focal point of the musical bond that Johnny and myself share with the whole band.”

“The guys put their heart and soul into their performances,” concludes Johnny “You can hear the essence of every drum strike and the sweat hitting the drums shortly after. Do it again, Cesco! HARDER, HARDER! Josh, Anna and Ale wouldn’t stop until their fingers said “enough”…and then……we did it again and again. That’s rock and roll man. Songs like “Where Will We Go From Here,” “Human Nature” and “Take you Home,” to me they are the essence of what I LOVE to sing and HOW I love to sing!”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Hardline‘s Double Eclipse album, which was released back in 1992: “The debut album from Hardline, featuring ex-Journey axe-man Neal Schon, has proved over time to be a melodic rock masterpiece… The band was full of great musicians that were able to achieve a killer sound, not that far removed from bands such as XYZ. Unfortunately, the timing was wrong; if this had come out three to four years earlier it would have been huge. Double Eclipse is a perfect example of what great melodic metal is, and easily receives two thumbs up!”

Hardline‘s “Take You Home” video:

Hardline “Take You Home” (Official Music Video)

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