Hardline Vocalist To Appear On Purrfect Timing Melodic Rock Special


April 11, 2009

Johnny Gioeli to appear on the Melodic Rock Festival – next week on Purrfect Timing

Every year on Purrfect Timing (www.purrfecttiming.com) we have our Melodic Rock Festival and this year we are actually going to have two. We are making an exception for our guest on next week’s show – we’ll be talking to Johnny Gioeli, the voice of Hardline and also frontman for Axel Rudi Pell.

Many of you know the story behind Hardline…..Johnny Gioeli and his brother Joey had their own band Brunette in the late 80s and then they formed Hardline, bringing in Journey’s Neal Schon. Their first album DOUBLE ECLIPSE was arguably one of the best albums of the era – hard rockin’ melodic songs, full of that great dirty groove they are remembered for. What Hardline is also remembered for are the soaring vocals of Johnny Gioeli, considered by many to be one of the greatest voices in rock music.

Hardline “II” came out in 2002, also another great disc with tracks you’ll remember like Face The Night, Paralyzed, Y, and Your Eyes. And now the long awaited third Hardline album is being released April 17th, it is “LEAVING THE END OPEN”.

Some bands come and go, and some just keep getting better. That’s Hardline! And we’ll be talking music and all about the new Hardline album next week.

So to make it YOUR night of melodic rock, make sure you get in those requests right away. Send them to Allee@purrfecttiming.com

It will be a night full of some of the best melodic music and voices in rock!

Hardline Vocalist To Appear On Purrfect Timing Melodic Rock Special

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For more information on Hardline’s Leaving The End Open visit www.frontiers.it.

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