Harlequin Keyboardist Loses Gear In Break-In


April 22, 2008

Winnipeg police believe musical gear stolen from a well-known Winnipeg musician’s home earlier this month should stand out and investigators are asking the public to watch out for it.

The home of Darren Moore, who plays keyboards and guitar for Harlequin, was broken into on April 5 following a house party gone wrong.

Moore was out of town and his teenage daughter held a party at the house on Thatcher Drive, in the Fort Garry area of the city.

Const. Pat Chabidon said Tuesday that the party got out of control, and police cleared the house. Moore’s daughter went to another home.

Sometime later that night, police said, the house was broken into, and a thief or thieves stole $35,000 worth of stereo and musical equipment, including several “unique and professional-quality” guitars, a Power Mac G5 computer and a 500GB portable hard drive that contained recordings of original music.

Chabidon said police believe there is a connection between the thefts and the party.

“The targeting came during that time,” he said. “Persons that were uninvited that made their way into the home noticed the stuff that was there, and probably came back at a later time and made off with it.”

Police said they are following up on several leads. Investigators asked for tips from the public on the whereabouts of the property, noting that its quality and quantity would likely stand out.

Harlequin originally formed in the mid-1970s. Songs Innocence and Thinking of You from their 1980 platinum album Love Crimes remain staples of Canadian classic-rock radio. The band still tours with a lineup of mostly new members.

Courtesy of www.cbc.ca