Heaven And Hell: Classic Rock Hears Their New Songs


January 6, 2009

Classic Rock has heard three unfinished tracks from Heaven And Hell’s debut album. In a world-exclusive we visited vocalist Ronnie James Dio, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Vinny Appice on the final day of tracking at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Some final touches were still to be added; for example Iommi wanted to add guitar solos at his home studio, and the material was in an unmixed state.

Due to be released in late April, the album’s 10 tracks were co-produced by the group and engineer Mike Exeter.

The songs we heard were a moody, thuddingly malevolent number called Rock ‘N’ Roll Jesus, the pacier and more anthemic Neverwhere, and a slice of sloth-like majesty that’s likely to be titled Breaking Into Heaven.

Other tracks expected to appear include Bible Black, Double Pain and Atom + Evil.

With the band having recorded three tracks for the Black Sabbath: The Dio Years anthology and played around 100 shows as Heaven And Hell, writing began at Iommi and Dio’s houses in England and California respectively, either side of the Metal Masters tour of America with Motorhead, Judas Priest and Testament.

“Each of us submitted a CD of our ideas, and we narrowed it down from there,” explains Iommi. “In some ways it was like picking up where we’d left off with Dehumanizer [Sabbath’s 1992 album], which was also done at Rockfield.”

“I never thought this band would get back together, but here we are,” marvels Appice. “Everyone’s more mature, and when we play together it’s just a monster.”

Touring plans are currently being finalised, with appearances at the Sweden Rock Festival, France’s Hellfest and Waldrock in Holland already confirmed.

Courtesy of www.classicrockmagazine.com