Heaven & Hell Release Video For “Bible Black”


April 27, 2009

Heaven & Hell have released the first video from their upcoming album ‘The Devil You Know’. The video is for the song “Bible Black” and it premiered on Yahoo! Music (new.music.yahoo.com) today.

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Highly Anticipated New Album from Dio, Iommi, Butler, and Appice, Their First in 17 Years, Features Epic First Single “Bible Black”. Available from Rhino April 28

After finishing several heralded world tours as Heaven &Hell last summer, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and VinnyAppice were tighter than ever before, both musically and personally.Agreeing that it would be a shame to stop making music together at toursend, the quartet began writing, first in England at Iommi’s home studio andlater in Los Angeles at Dio’s studio. “The band had gotten too good to justwalk away,” Dio says. “We wanted to show people that we were still capableof giving them new music that measured up to what we’d done in the past.”

With that goal in mind, the band once again converged on Rockfield Studiosin Wales last winter, the same place they used 17 years earlier to recordtheir last album, Dehumanizer. The result is the long awaited new album THEDEVIL YOU KNOW, featuring 10 soon-to-be-classic tracks from the Dio-frontedversion of Black Sabbath. The highly anticipated set arrives on April 28from Rhino for a suggested list price of $18.98 (physical) and $9.99(digital).

It took less than three weeks to finish the album, with most of the songsonly needing a couple of takes. “It was good to play them live in thestudio. It keeps you on edge,” Iommi says. “I mean, somewhere along theline we were gonna have to play them live; might as well start in thestudio.” Butler adds: “We’ve learned from the past that you can kill a songdoing it over and over. The first Sabbath albums were done in two or threedays. Technically they weren’t great, but vibe-wise they were great. If youcapture that feeling, that’s all you need.”

“Bible Black,” the epic first single, begins with Iommi on acoustic guitarbehind Dio’s plaintive wail before the rhythm shifts to a menacing stompfor the rest of this dark tale about a book of sinister scriptures. One ofthe first songs written for the album, Dio says it established a tone forthe rest of the album. “When you start off with a blockbuster like that, itmakes the rest of the album so much easier because it gives you a benchmarkto measure the other songs against.”

Iommi proves he hasn’t lost the ability to inspire six-string envy,unleashing riffs like a pack of rabid hellhounds on “Atom And Evil,””Fear,” “Neverwhere,” and “Eating The Cannibals,” a tune about doing morethan biting the hand that feeds. Butler and Appice slow the pace whileramping up the intensity on “Follow The Tears” and “Double The Pain” and”Breaking Into Heaven,” the latter diverging from its glacial processionfor Dio’s majestic chorus about fallen angels planning an attack onparadise.

1. “Atom And Evil”
2. “Fear”
3. “Bible Black”
4. “Double The Pain”
5. “Rock And Roll Angel”
6. “The Turn Of The Screw”
7. “Eating The Cannibals”
8. “Follow The Tears”
9. “Neverwhere”
10. “Breaking Into Heaven”

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