Heaven’s Basement Preview New Singer And Songs In Video

Heaven’s Basement Preview New Singer And Songs In Video

February 22, 2011

Heaven’s Basement have posted a promo video that showcases new singer Aaron Buchanan and several new song previews from their upcoming EP.

Said Heaven’s Basement in a recent posting at www.heavensbasement.com, “It’s been a long time coming and now finally, we’re ready to share a lot of important news with you, so take a deep breath and read on! Heaven’s Basement now have a full time lead singer. His name is Aaron Buchanan and we couldn’t be more fired up to welcome him to the family. We’ve also got a UK tour confirmed for this May! 2011 will see us bust open the doors and unleash everything that Heaven’s Basement holds to stages across the UK.

We’ll ultimately be working on material for our debut full-length album, whilst also releasing a brand new EP to introduce Aaron to the world and hopefully give you enough to listen to until the album comes.

As you all know, 2010 was an extremely eventful year for us. Just before the summer tour dates started, Jonny told us that he wanted to leave the band to direct his focus at other things in his life. The plan was to play out the remaining summer tour dates together, so we we’re gutted that his final gigs with us were cut short by the injury he picked up on the Papa Roach dates. We really wanted to go out with a bang together at Sonisphere and announce his departure after that show but it wasn’t to be. We’ve had an amazing time together with Jonny, he’s one of our closest friends and we’ll be there to support him on every step of his new path. We’re aware that some of you might have heard about this through the grapevine and we’d like to apologize to you all for keeping this under wraps for so long, we hope that by the time you’ve read this statement it’ll help you to understand our reasons.

As many of you will know, for us Heaven’s Basement isn’t just a band name or a label. It’s a vehicle that let’s us go about dealing with everything that life throw’s our way then gives us the tools to kick it in the teeth and move on. This is now another chapter written in our blood, sweat and tears.

Jonny’s injury gave us the opportunity to run as a four piece, which we’ve been ever since. Our initial plans were to hold auditions for a replacement guitarist but as we were busy auditioning singers at the time, the thought of bringing in two new faces simultaneously just didn’t feel right. The personality of this band is all about the chemistry between us guys and we didn’t want to disrupt things unnecessarily, instead we afforded Aaron the time to bond and develop alongside us guys to become an equal part of the HB gang. We’ve also really been enjoying the sound made when playing together as a four piece, it’s opened up new dynamics in our writing and with all the above in mind, we’ve decided to move forward as a four piece for the immediate future. We’ve not ruled out bringing in a second guitarist in the future if the right guy comes along that clearly belongs in Heaven’s Basement, but we will never force that issue as its something that would have to happen very naturally.

2010 brought some of the most testing times we’ve been through as a band, we never once felt at full strength the whole year and as musicians this was the most frustrating thing for us. When we came off stage at Sonisphere it was literally just us three guys (Sid, Chris + Rob) that remained as the band. We knew we had to take a step back for a minute and start rebuilding behind the scenes, otherwise the band was in danger of crashing and burning beyond repair. One thing was always clear, us three guys weren’t ever going to throw the towel in, our desire to play music together was, and is, as strong as ever and it’s that fact coupled with the unbreakable connection we have as people that keeps us together. Within just a week or two of playing Sonisphere we were in the studio demoing loads of ideas that have now turned into full songs. We knew it was just a matter of time before we found the right guy to front the band and that was one of our biggest motivations during such a frustrating time.

Our wait ended in late August when this guy called Aaron walked into his audition and blew us away within his first song. We stopped holding auditions from that moment and immediately started working with Aaron on a full time basis, as the chemistry between us all was instant. We auditioned hundreds of singers in 2010 and had hundred’s of others contact us from all over the world, we could usually tell within thirty seconds of someone’s audition if we felt they were right for us, it’s was purely about who came into the room and excited us. The singer situation always made it feel like there was a dark cloud following us around so it was great when Aaron walked into the room with the voice and attitude we’d be waiting for. Your going to be hearing about Aaron a lot more over the coming days including a message from him tomorrow.

We’d like to make it clear to everyone exactly what Heaven’s Basement means to us guys as we totally understand it can become easy for people to question certain things after losing two original members in one year. Its been just three years since the band formed and its literally been a non stop roller coaster which has included some of the most amazing times we’ll ever have and some of the most toughest and testing times. Certain things might have changed but the essence of why the band was formed remains the same. Amongst the good times, Heaven’s Basement also represents struggle, fight and commitment to something you believe in, like in any form of life there’s good times and bad times, a rock n roll band is no different. We’re not in this for any other reason other than playing the music we love and being part of a group of people who share the same passion. The biggest lesson we’ve ever learned as a band is that you have to take the good with the bad. It is for that reason we are proud to stand by Heaven’s Basement and it’s history. We absolutely live for music and being on stage is the biggest high we’ve found and that craving will never be satisfied.

We’re insanely excited for you all to see and hear the new Heaven’s Basement on the upcoming tour! We’ll be visiting some places we’ve not played in over a year and we can’t wait. You can check out the dates on our websites now. We’ll be playing some of the new material live and getting the Digi E.P online ASAP, but in the meantime we’ve uploaded Unbreakable for you all to get your teeth into and to hear Aaron announce his arrival! Also we’ll be putting a new video together which we’ll put online in the coming days, it’s a compilation of clips from the past year with some sneak previews of new songs thrown in.

We want to thank you all so much for your unrelenting support. We’ve been out to various gigs over the past few months and it’s been great bumping into some of you, we’re amazed at the support you always show to Heaven’s Basement! We’ll be getting a brand new Street Team up and running very soon so stand by for news on that too.It’s a huge relief to finally draw a line under the challenges that came with 2010 and we’re ready to attack 2011 harder than ever before. We can’t wait to see you all again.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.heavensbasement.com