Heavens Fire release new album ‘Playing With Fire’

Heavens Fire release new album ‘Playing With Fire’

Canadian rockers Heavens Fire have released a new album titled Playing With Fire, which is the follow-up to the 2013 released Judgement Day record.

The band members that played on Playing With Fire are Rafael Bennett (lead and backup vocals), JT Harris (guitar, bass, piano, keys) and Alexis Von Kraven (drums).

Track List for Playing With Fire:
01. Playing With Fire
02. Satin And Sin
03. Children Of The Storm
04. I Believe
05. Restless Sleep
06. Unbroken
07. Esp
08. The Real World
09. Running With The Wind
10. Push Harder
11. Sunday Morning
12. The Saddest Clown
13. Allyson Wonderland

Heavens Fire‘s “Playing With Fire” song:

HEAVENS FIRE – Playing With Fire

Don’t leave me standing hereHere all aloneYou used to be my friendNow I’m wasting my time on my own Well I can’t help but scream Talk to me again Playing Wit…

Heavens Fire’s “Satin And Sin” song:

HEAVENS FIRE – Satin and Sin

Crawling on my hands and kneesJust to get close to youFalling on my bleeding kneesJust to be a part of youOhoho, I burn for youOhoho, I’m on fireWaiting for …

Heavens Fire’s “Saddest Clown” song:

HEAVENS FIRE – The Saddest Clown

Where have you been last night?Don’t lie to me, babeWhere did you sleep last night?Who was with you, babe?Oho, don’t lie to me.Oh, baby, don’t you lie to me….