Helix Guitarist Will Be Leaving The Band In Late September

Helix Guitarist Will Be Leaving The Band In Late September

June 25, 2012

Helix Guitarist Will Be Leaving The Band In Late SeptemberIt was announced today that Helix guitarist Brent Doerner will be leaving the band for the second time later this year.

“At the end of September Brent will be leaving Helix,” stated Helix vocalist Brian Vollmer. “Although I’m very disappointed to see him go, I understand his decision to leave and we’re still the best of friends — in fact, we’re like brothers and that will never change. When Brent first re-joined the band he said he’d try it until Christmas and here we are, almost 3 1/2 years later. It’s been a fun ride. Brent’s last date will be in Stratford at the Masonic Temple on September 29th, the night after our Toronto show at The Rockpile. Hope everyone can make it out for his last gig. Brent’s replacement will be John Klaus, who is also playing in our Heavy Mental Christmas Show which we will be performing for the very first time this fall.”

In September Helix will be releasing another compilation simply entitled ‘Helix: 1983-2012’. The CD will feature 19 tracks from various Helix CDs over the years plus one brand new track — the Christmas track that frontman Brian Vollmer and Sean Kelly wrote.

Brent Doerner was instrumental to the Helix’s sound right from the start. On their first independent album ‘Breaking Loose’ (1977), Brent penned the Helix classic “Billy Oxygen”. On the first E.M.I. album ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ he co-wrote another standard “Dirty Dog”. Other notable Helix songs Brent has had a hand in writing are “Bend Over Kiss (Your Ass Goodbye)”, “Shot Full Of Love”, “Bangin’ Off Of The Bricks”, and “Christine”.

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