Helix Interviewed In Latest Edition Of Rocknation Magazine

Helix Interviewed In Latest Edition Of Rocknation Magazine

February 16, 2010

Helix, the biggest heavy metal band in Canadian history, with a catalogue of music that spans a history of over 30 years with 5 gold and 2 platinum albums under their belt and millions of records sold around the world recently talked with Rocknation Magazine. Helix released their 15th studio album last year called “Vagabond Bones” through Perris Records in Europe/USA and Fontana/Universal in Canada. Rocknation interviewed lead vocalist Brian Vollmer for Issue 14.

When asked about the writing process on “Vagabond Bones” Brian replied, “The two CDs previous to Vagabond Bones were The Power of Rock and Roll and A Heavy Mental Christmas. I had established a writing and business relationship with Gord Prior and Steve Georgakopoulos on those CDs, and felt things were going very well. On Power we had gotten licensing (with advances!) from Sanctuary for Europe, E.M.I. for Canada, and Perris Records for the U.S. and on the Christmas CD Gord had talked Walmart Canada into handling it, a bonus. So I was very excited about the CD we were going to write. One problem that seemed to be rearing it’s ugly head at the time was the fact that my live band was not the band I used to play in the studio. They didn’t write the songs, so why have them come hundreds of miles from out of town to play the parts in the studio?”

To read entire interview go to www.rocknation.us/issue14

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