Helix Plan To Have New CD Finished By Summer


January 27, 2009

Helix has just recently signed a licensing deal with AOR Music and hope to have the new disc done by the summer. Helix vocalist Brian Vollmer explained what that signing meant for the band below:

“The band has just recently signed a licensing deal with AOR Music in Germany for the territory of Europe and Russia. What this means is that with the advance monies we’ll be receiving from AOR we’ll be able to begin recording our next record (oops! I mean disc!).

We’re also getting the original No Rest line-up back together to record a AC/DC track for a compilation AC/DC disc being put out by Tom Mathers of Perris Records. This song will also appear as a “bonus track” on the CD being put out by AOR Records, although at a later date.

As for live dates, right now we only have one date in August in Iowa with Great White, but by the looks of things we’re also going to be playing in San Antonio on May 22 & 23. I’ve also talked to Feldman and Ass. here in Canada and they are already looking for summer festival dates for the band. As well, we are being pitched to Rocklahoma, Millwaukee Summerfest, and Sweden Rock Festival. Looks like an exciting year!”

Courtesy of www.planethelix.com