Helix release video for new song “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight”

Helix release video for new song “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight”

Canadian veteran hard rockers Helix have released a video for their latest single “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight.” The single is available for purchase at CD Baby.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx earlier this year, Helix frontman Brian Vollmer spoke about the upcoming new single: “Another thing that’s changed too is that I am writing with Gord [Prior] and Steve [Georgakopoulos] who wrote ‘The Power Of Rock And Roll’ album, I am writing with Sean [Kelly] and the band is also writing as a unit for the first time too. The next song is actually going to be a song that I wrote with the band which is called “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” and so, I think that by getting the band involved, this guys want to write and it gives them a sense of pride and a feeling that they’re involved in the project more so than just the live aspect.

But also, there’s competition with the other guys that have a proven track record which is ‘The Power Of Rock And Roll’ writers and Sean [Kelly] who I primarily write with nowadays. We have three songs — one by the band ready to go, one almost done with Gordie and Steve, and I have another one with Sean — and then in the spring, I am also doing a solo album but it’s mostly going to be cover songs with a couple of new tracks. That’s going to be with a different producer and it’s going to be a more rhythm and blues type of theme. It’s something that I have wanted to do for a couple of years and Sean and I have talked about it extensively. It’s actually the first time that I am telling anybody about it.”

Helix‘s “The Devil Is Having A Party Tonight” video:

The Devil is Having a Party Tonight

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